Fancy Yarn machine PA-FA S200R

N. 01 fancy yarn twisting machine PA-FA mod. Legafil S200 R,
with n. 36 heads ,
– doublé independent hollow spindle ( drived by 2 independent tangencial belt ,
they can rotate in the same direction to increase the twist (example : S on S, or Z on Z)
or turn one reverse of the other to reduce the twist (example : the first hollow spindle rotate in the direction Z and the second direction S or vice versa ) ,
– double independent drafting line ,
– feeding from sliver by cans or bobbins , or by cones yarn ,
– delivery on cones pitch 8’’ ( travel 200 mm. – cones of 225 mm. ) x conicity 3°30’,
– Electronic panel to set fancy effects,
– Y.O.C. 2000.